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The urban high school movies show us that the high schools in the cities aren’t able to give students what they need to be successful in life. Also they make it obvious for us that the student’s attitude towards education is there big problem to make progress. In all of the three films Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers and Walkout the schools are racially discriminate, they let the student’s look like they are lacy, violent and so on, because no one beliefs in them to have a successful life. The movies Freedom Writers and Dangerous Minds have something in common, in both of them students have problems with their attitude and behavior in and outside the classroom, they reject to get an education. But then they get saved by a white teacher who …show more content…
Again, there is the failure of urban schools because of students who make trouble and burned out teachers. Also, there is the racial thing where the students are the minority in every race and a teacher is presented as the savior. Like in Dangerous Minds all students are in gangs and they don’t care about school, instead they pay attention to their real problems outside of school. All this little groups don’t realize that they all face the same problem outside of school. That is a similarity to the whole school system because there are a lot of schools without a big funding that needs help and some schools with a big funding could help them, but instead of getting together everyone focus on their own problems. Also the similarity by teachers to Ms. Cambpell the head of the English department who lost the faith into the students and is burned out is a problem in the real teaching world. She gave the advice to Erin Gruwell the new teacher “You can’t make someone want an education. The best you can do is try to get them to obey, to learn discipline. That would be a tremendous accomplishment for them” (Bulman, 2005).
After being that long in the school system Ms. Cambpell gave up the faith into the students and the system. That is kind of close to reality because today many teachers only come to school to get money for their
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They initiate a big civil rights movement which is based on a true story. 1968 school in Los Angeles demonstrated against the inequality of the educational system. In this movie one of the main actors is Paula, she faces disagreement from the police, her father, and the school administration. She gets the people together and starts a big movement against the inequality. But all her opponents don’t want to accept that they are discriminate all the colored students and try to stop her from succeeding. The big difference towards the other movies is that this time the students try to get a good education and demonstrate against the system. Also they don’t need a white savior to solve their problems, demonstration is their tool to do it. That makes them independent to a white savior, which is the better way to do it.
Bulman confirms that in his statement: “The social problems in the inner city, then, cannot be solved through the application of individual-level solutions. Wilson’s research has helped to demonstrate that since these problems are inherently structural, they require a structural solution” (Bulman, 2005).
To solve such a big problem all parts who are included have to recognize the problem. Just imagine how easy it would have been for Paula

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