Freedom Writers Questionaire Essay

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1. What are three status symbols found in the movie?

- Erin’s pearls symbolize the wealth of her father, being as they were a gift from him. - Erin’s wedding ring symbolizes that she is married.

- The tattoos on the Holocaust survivor’s arms symbolize their status as Jew. 2. Which character(s) experienced role conflict? Give an example

- Although Eva and Erin both experienced role conflict, I feel that Erin had more of an obvious conflict. She was a teacher, wife, daughter, and an employee. She felt her responsibility was being a teacher for the kids, however that left strain on her marriage. As a daughter, she struggled to please her father, and as an employee, she faced the
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8. How do the students see themselves in the scheme of society?

- These students feel like they are constantly at war. They believe that they at war with themselves, each other, and the rest of the world. In the beginning of the movie, given their actions, they feel “worthless” and “disrespected”. But after receiving new books and learning that someone (Mrs. Gruwell), was there to empathize with them, the attitudes started changing. The students began to understand that just because you came from a particular place and or situation, doesn’t mean that is where they had to stay. Each individual began to see past others’ race, ethnicity, and social status in order to become friends.

9. What master status do you hold? Which character in the movie do you relate most to and why?

I don’t personally feel like I hold a master status. Yes, I am an employee, student, wife, daughter, sister, an aunt, and a friend but I could not classify myself into one particular category. All of my statuses are equally important in my life. I believe I give 110% to everything I do, in all the aspects of my life.
I believe that I could relate the Erin Gruwell the most. I believe that I give people the benefit of the doubt, am always an optimistic person, and want the best for people regardless of their current or past situations. Just because a person comes from one particular way

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