Freedom Of Speech : Governmental Restrictions Essay

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Freedom of Speech: Governmental Restrictions
Freedom. A word that holds various interpretations and perceptions. The phrase freedom of speech is similar and therefore leads to controversy due to its vague meaning. The dispute stands on the power the government has on limiting freedom of speech, as mentioned in the Constitution under the first amendment. However, various Americans are unaware that restrictions to the first amendment in particular to freedom of speech exist. Obscenity, hate speech, defamation, commercial speech, and child pornography are not protected by the constitution. Restrictions are not only stated in the first amendment clause, but have been applied by the government throughout history. The United Stated federal government 's main job is to secure the country and its citizens. Freedom of speech is a powerful weapon with the capacity to do as much evil as good. Therefore, the United States federal government 's need to curtail freedom of speech is essential. The government should hold the power to restrict free speech in certain cases to assure the United States does not acquire a negative stigma in foreign countries and protects the best interest of all its citizens.
Hence, to assure the protection of all aspects of America one must recognize that the concept freedom of speech is an ambiguous principle that acquires governmental guidance and clarification. The clause as mentioned under the constitution states, "Congress shall make no law... abridging…

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