Free Spirit, By, And The Public Makes Us Fake Ourselves Essay

1160 Words Oct 9th, 2015 null Page
Peers, teachers, and the public makes us fake ourselves. There are so many things have limit us to become the real us. We have to stop caring what people comments and being the real us. Independence is not only about taking care of ourselves, but also accept our true identity. “Free spirit”, by definition, means an independent or uninhibited person. Helping people if needed is not a bad thing. But, we have to be very careful if we want to help somebody or dedicate ourselves. “There’s no help for it: we must haul into court and mercilessly interrogate our feelings of devotion, of sacrifice for our neighbour, the whole morality of self-renunciation, as well as the aesthetic of ‘disinterested contemplation’, which the current emasculation of art is trying to use (seductively enough) to clear its conscience. ‘For the sake of others’, ‘not for me’: these are feelings containing so much sorcery and sugar that we must be doubly distrustful of them and ask: ‘Are these not perhaps-seduction?’” (33) When one helps particular person a lot, that person would not grow up and be independent because he/ she is too relatable on other people. For an example, when students ask teachers for an answer, teacher usually do not give answers to them but rather ask them to think. In this case, those teachers seem unhelpful, but they are actually helping them. We often like that feeling, the satisfaction of helping others. However, overly helping does not work. Nietzsche thinks that people should…

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