What Is A Good Life By Heathwood Summary

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Heathwood starts out by saying what is a good life? He goes into depth on how it is beneficial for people to choose a life, and to choose one that will benefit their moral virtue. Meaning, that people should do the good thing, but not always doing the good thing will benefit that person. Another way he explains is a way of excelling in excellence. Therefore, people need to excel in what makes them happy to lead to a good life. He says there can be various aspects on the topic of excelling, like if someone has talent in a certain sport, but they do not like that certain sport, then there is absolutely no benefit to that person because of not liking the sport.
He tries to get us to understand that just because we might want the better things
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Autonomy is also a big part, because if someone is being taken advantage of, then they are not going to be happy. So, autonomy is a big key, so that we feel like a whole person, and not like one who is being torn apart.
Friendship is needed every day whether it be with someone who lives far away. Friendship is made on the goodwill and honesty of people, and if we are not socializing it makes life insufferable. Therefore, leading an unhappy life, until happiness is found some other way. Courage is important also, because we need to be able to stand up for what we believe in, and have a say. If the feelings are not out there for everyone to hear it can place a burden on ones’ feelings, and that could possibly hurt the way they survive. Moderation is a way of giving us what we need, and what we may want. These simple things are a necessary key to happiness, and they are the key to a good life.
Overall, my thoughts are if you have friendship, courage, and moderation then you will have a good life because they are all the elements to living a good life. If you figure out which one of these make you happy, then peruse the one that makes you happiest. Because perusing what you love, and what makes you happy is the key to a good

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