Free Market Healthcare System Vs. Single Payer Government System

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There are many differences between quality in a free market healthcare system and in single payer government system. According to Johansen (2015), “Free market healthcare is a system where there is minimal or no government regulate ion. In this minimal regulation, health care providers are free to provide services without needing to satisfy strict regulatory standards and requirements. As a result, health care providers do not need to comply with restrictive government licensing.” A Free market healthcare can improve the quality of healthcare. According to Johansen (2015), “advocates argue that health care providers would be compelled to improve their services to remain competitive. Such a situation can be achieved as the health care system becomes privatized and adopts better business models. However, in free market health care, the adoption of current business models would likely lead to the downsizing of health care organizations. Critics also argue that these business models typically involve cost-cutting policies.” Under a free market healthcare, the costs of healthcare system would be high (Johansen, 2015). According to Johansen (2015), “demand for health care services would continue to increase over time as the population grows, even when health care costs remain high. The cost of health care would still remain high because demand would remain high. Thus, it would be imperative for the government to impose regulation of cost of health care, and ensure quality of…

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