How Can Healthcare Be Free

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Free Healthcare for All
Many people have discussed that they are for free healthcare in other words they believe their health care should not be paid for in the United States, yet in reality this is something that should not be pushed for. There are many reasons that healthcare should not be handed out. Free rights to health care could increase the wait time for medical services and the patience to doctor ratio will become overbearing, providing health care would decrease competition within doctors and increase in personal and economical taxes causing the government to then be able to have more say in things. If health care was free then think of how the in hospital wait time would fluctuate. With healthcare being free to everyone a person
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In order to accommodate the amount of money it takes for a free health care system. When the term “free” is used for health care it’s not necessarily free because the money has to come from somewhere. Construction of hospitals and equipment aren’t free so what better way for the government to pay for that than to raise taxes? With taxes going up other things may become affected such as defense, education, technology. Later on money in general will become an issues, as healthy people will then have to pay for people who smoke or have diabetes or other medical issues. Personal taxes will not be the only thing to go up but taxes on food and clothing will increase. Another major issue with that is co-pay will not be in place anymore. Also causing the increase in the cost of prescriptions that are usually paid for through …show more content…
By that records of information involving the patient will be known to the government like a storybook. They will have access to a person’s full health history even including the private portions. They will have the right to make more strict regulation laws. Things such as administering drugs and going through the variety of test will all have to be ran through the government first to receive permission. Whereas if it were in the hands of private practice they could make all those choices on their own. Doctors would also have to wait on the government to tell them who would be taken care of or treated first. This in the long run will have someone suffering while one person is being treated. Lastly the government will choose the equipment for the facilities. That will result in receiving new equipment late, which will hinder the process of treatment. On the other hand having free health care has its cons as well. Things like people who can 't afford it will be taken care of. Another is medical cost would be reduced so a patient wouldn’t have to worry about how long they stayed in the hospital adding up the bill cost once they

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