Free College Vs. College Essay

1254 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Free College Does Exist For most students, the idea of going to college for a significantly reduced price via scholarships is a dream. Just imagine what type of reaction there would be if students found out they could have had the opportunity to join a community where college credits are earned for free throughout their high school years. This program allows high school students to earn college credit and apply that credit towards their high school graduation requirements. College Credit Plus is an opportunity for advanced middle and high school students to reduce the time and cost of attending college after high school. To be admitted into the College Credit Plus program, you must be an Ohio student in the grades 7-12 and apply to participating colleges in Ohio. The colleges will then consider your acceptance based on your college-readiness level in one or more subject areas. Though the option is available, CCP is not highly recommended for children in middle school, even if they do show advanced knowledge in a college level subject. According to the board of Ohio Higher Education, many middle school students fall below expectation in this program simply because they were not “college-ready” in terms of maturity and independence. All students, no matter their age or maturity level, are required to follow the syllabus, rules and regulations of the college they have chosen to attend without exception. College Credit Plus is fully paid for by the students’ home…

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