Free College Tuition Should Be Provided Because Essay

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A college education is becoming a necessity in today’s economy. Students throughout the country are concentrating on their academics and are endeavoring to receive perfect grades all in hopes of taking their education to a new level. However, financing each student’s education has become difficult in today’s economy. Thus, many students, parents, and politicians are pushing for free college tuition to be granted in the near future. Free college tuition should be provided because it will encourage students to work harder in school, it would lift the burden of debt from the shoulders of young people and provide educational opportunity for all regardless of family income.
If free college tuition were given, students would be motivated to work harder in school. In a study conducted by Timothy J. Bartik and Marta Lachowska of the nonpartisan W.E Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, they found that students in Kalamazoo, Michigan really stepped up their game after being promised free college. The likelihood that a student completed any credits went up 9 percent, GPA among African-American students rose by 0.7 points and the average time a student spent suspended went down 3.13 days. Knowing that there’s a real possibility of attending college changed the outlook of school for those students and it can have the same impact on the rest of America. There would be a significant increase in student grades; decrease in high school dropout rates and in result the educational system…

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