Free College Should Be Publicly Funded Public Undergraduate Education

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As current political discourse moves closer to the subject of free collegiate education, it becomes more important to define what measures, if any, should be taken in this direction. Some may advocate merely for free or extremely discounted community college or two-year degrees, while others may argue for full free undergraduate collegiate education. Although, it is obvious that some form of free college must be adopted, on the grounds that it will allow many that would not normally receive a college education to receive one, challenge anti-intellectualism and elitism, and benefit the economy and workforce. For the purposes of this essay, the focus will be on comprehensive free education, that being fully funded public undergraduate education. A major reason why college should be publicly funded is that many people that may not traditionally receive a college education would be able to obtain one. In Biola Jeje and Belinda Rodriguez’s article, Why Freer Higher Ed Can’t Wait, the authors argue for the adoption of the free education plan proposed by Bernie Sanders, especially where college students must advocate for the plan themselves(Jeje 5). While also giving statistics supporting Sanders’ proposition, including the staggering 1.3 trillion dollars in total student debt nationwide(Jeje 6). They also include the .5% tax on Wall Street transactions that could provide up to 300 billion dollars annually for the purpose of supporting “the elimination of tuition at four-year…

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