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Ever since first human appeared on the earth, humans have worked wonders such as Peru’s Machu Picchu, China’s Great Wall and even Roman Empire. However, despite all the those achievements that humans accomplished, it would be surprising to hear that history of study of management has been only a century long. With the 19th century’s development of heavy and chemical industry, industries had expended into larger scales that resulted modern ages’ complex industry style.
Fredrick Winslow Taylor came up with scientific management theory, which became foundation of the management theory. Following Fredrick’s scientific management theory, Elton Mayo’s Human relation management theory had come up which focused more on psychological part of workers.
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Although Hawthorne study had similar goal for aiming worker’s efficiency like scientific theory, there was distinctive difference by Elton focusing more on psychological part of workers. Some basic aspects of Elton’s theory contained ideas such as “supervisor should not act like supervisor”, “people should be periodically asked how they feel about this work”, “workers should be consulted before any changes” and etc. Clearly Elton’s idea of theory was focused on bringing comfort to the workers at the worksite which, in theory, sounds such an ideal place for workers. However, being bit too much of idealistic was the problem. First, there’s hardly any discipline to regulate or control the workers to make them put out the maximum performance. Santa Clara University stated “The view that human beings act from self-interest and from self interest alone is not new. It has long been the dominant view in psychology and in much of Western thought” (C laire Andre and Manuel Velasquez) and majority of human’s interests are financial gains and personal desires rather then a comfort in their mind. Thus Elton’s theory might make workers happier then Fredrick’s, but hardly has anything to motivate their workers to work. Secondly, overall theory is bit too idealistic, which in other words, it’s time consuming and …show more content…
According to Golembiewski 's research, “Some 20% of working adults worldwide experience on-the-job burnout, and the averages are higher in more industrialized countries (40% in Germany; 60% in Japan)”. Throughout the days, worker’s comfort and creativity became one of the essential part of the business, thus the companies nowadays such like Facebook, Google and Red bull, are adopting the parts of theory. The overall the full theory might be too idealistic, however, it is true that there’re definitely great benefits to focus on worker’s comfort, as numerous companies are starting to adopt it.

Fredrick and Elton had extremely different style of management theory, one solely focused on profitability based on mechanical approach while other one cared more deeply about their worker’s mindset and mental state. Its interesting that scientific theory had set up the base for other theories to come up, while human relation theory starting to receive attentions to number of leading companies nowadays.
“The smaller the function, the greater the management” – C. Northcote

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