Fraser's Critique Of Habermas: An Analysis

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In Fraser’s critique of Habermas, she claims that classical capitalism is male dominated and within context holds a masculine role. Human trafficking has been a common male driven practice, and first began under the term of slavery. Through the progression of time and advancement in societies, there has still been a constant disregard for women’s bodies. Fraser’s account of capitalism being masculine, can be applied to why sex slavery is still a widely used form of business. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon fueled by poverty and gender discrimination. In this essay I will take Fraser’s concepts into application to theorize why sex trafficking is still a popular practice in the United States.
The definition of human trafficking derived
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The roles that Fraser speaks on is the worker, citizen, and protector. In the business of human trafficking the pimp takes on the role of the worker and in doing so uses his dominance to force the female into making him a profit. By having control over the woman, the pimp is able to use her sexual services as a money making tool. The woman’s body is the commodity in which he sells. The pimp barely has to work to make his profit, because he relies on the female to attract customers and make the money, which she then relinquishes to him. In 2014, the Urban Institute studied the underground commercial sex economy in U.S. cities and estimated a profit between $39.9 million and $290 million in revenue depending on the city. The study also stated that pimps in one city earned an average of $32,833 per week. Sex trafficking is an easy trade with high reward and low …show more content…
In most cases the victims do not come forward in trafficking cases, due to fear of physical abuse or lack in confidence that they will win the case. When a victim is brought in by police, they are often overlooked, charged with prostitution, then sent back out into the streets. In a submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of United States of America, the International Women’s Human Rights Clinic states that policies and practices “humiliate, punish and criminalize trafficking victims violate basic human rights, U.N. Human Rights bodies have criticized the U.S. for allowing criminal prosecution of children engaged in prostitution and for arresting and prosecuting adult trafficking victims.” The predominantly female victims are set up for failure in a legal system that only views them as criminals. This is an example to how women are not able to encompass the role of citizen, because their words are not taken seriously, and are only viewed by the work they have been forced into.
I would not go as far to say say that women are second-class citizens, but instead I would like to give an example of this separation of the sexes by using a plane analogy. Women are passengers on the plane sitting in coach, while male passengers are seated in first class.

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