Fraser & Neeave Holdings Bhd Case Study

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Political factors are related to law, regulatory, and government policy, which influence Economic factors, and government decisions. While in China the quality of food and beverage have not been satisfied by the Chinese government due to the quality. Therefore, they decided to create a super ministry to ensure the quality of food and beverage in China. Super ministry roles is to restructuring and re-evaluating various productions factories.
In China has the rules and regulations therefore Fraser & Neave holding Bhd Company should comply the rules or regulations that set in the country to prevent any complication. Moreover, Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd Company could practice and conditions to avoid conflicts. Furthermore,
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Hannah Nam, John T. Jost, Jay J. Van Bavel
Year: 2013
Title: “Not for All the Tea in China!” Political Ideology and the Avoidance of Dissonance-Arousing Situations
Finding: Ideological conflict can be defined as the values, belief of a group. There growing difference between liberals and conservations are shaped by psychological variables having to do with personal, cognition, emotion, and motivation.

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In order satisfy the consumer from china Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd company should not doubt of the remarkable experience it has, it is still very committed to local markets, to paying attention to what people from different cultures and backgrounds like to drink, and where and how they like to drink it, to remain competitive and to develop more new drinks to satisfy its markets. Moreover, Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd should investigate the material especially sugar from China whether it is enough to be produce. According to the China Sugar Association, in order to cover their expenses they will increase the price of the sugar.

Author: Victor Nee
Year: 1992
Title: Organizational Dynamics of Market Transition: Hybrid Forms, Property Rights, and Mixed Economy in China
Finding: In this journals is more on the importance of hybrid forms in the current market transition. The condition of partial reform, marketed firms enjoy a transaction cost advantages over alternatives governance structures. Moreover, it also mention how does the interaction in between government, enterprise, and market forces illustrate based on the perspectives applied in the dynamic model of market transaction in

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