Essay about Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, discusses the perils of the scientist Victor Frankenstein and the creature he created. The story captivates the audience with problematic relationships and compelling adventures. Shelly’s story describes two essential characters with Victor and the creature he creates. Though the creature and Victor do not share the same DNA, they have significantly similar qualities and traits. Victor and the creature wish to gain knowledge and understanding while using nature as a sense of relief in times of trouble. Throughout the story, both characters change immensely while developing a relationship with one another. The desires for nature, love, family, and knowledge all reflect the contrast between Frankenstein and the creature, as well as the changes they both go through.
Victor and the creature share many differences, but as the story progresses both start to desire the same thing. In the beginning of the story, Victor and the creature share a love for nature. In times of distress, both turn to nature to feel peace and relaxation. In the midst of all the stress and suffering they both endured, they run to the one thing that calms them, and ironically find each other there. The creature discovers the book Paradise Lost which ignites his desire for knowledge. With the extraneous pressures in life, Victor uses nature for relief and a getaway.
Victor and the creature also desire family. While engulfed in the relationship with Elizabeth, Victor felt the…

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