The Search For Power In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The search for power by both Victor and the creature is a theme that is used in Frankenstein many times. Victor and the creature both want to gain power. Victor tries to get power by making life and the creature tries to get power by killing people and making death happen on his terms. When Victor made the creature he made life out of material that life wouldn't normally be able to come from. He takes power away from the natural way of being born and creates his own way to make life. The creature does not let the people he kills have a full life that they were supposed to have, he uses his strength to kill them. The creatures reason for killing these people is that he wants to get back at Victor for giving him such a miserable life. He wants to have the power to make Victor’s life as horrible as his.
Victors knowledge of how to bring things to
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He tries to get the power by killing the people victor cares about. His first victim is Justine. The creature does not murder the creature but he puts the blame on her for stealing. The creature has the power over Justine by making her look guilty for stealing the necklace when he was the one who actually took it. If he would have confessed he could have saved her but he did not and she died for something she did not do. Next the creature kills Victor's younger brother, William, to get back at Victor for making him so ugly.The creature also kills Henry after victor tells him he will not make the female creature. Then he kills Elizabeth, Victor's wife, to keep Victor from being happy. All of the murders are ways for the creature to control Victor's life as well as the people he kills. By killing the people that mean a lot to Victor the creature gets to decide how happy Victor will be. The power that the creature has over Victor makes Victor become very sick. His sickness is caused by the hurt that the creature gave him when he killed the people he

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