Theme Of Neglect In Frankenstein

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Would you feel remorse if something you created turned out to be a murderous creature? Victor Frankenstein creates a horrible creature, then abandons it without taking care of it. Victor soon feels neglect for doing this because he faces the consequences that follow for his action of abandonment. Although the Monster is left to itself it quickly learns language and moral values.Victor Frankenstein sought forbidden knowledge to create a dross creature, however he soon faces the consequences such as, being the suspect of a murder and loved ones dying which causes Victor to feel inexorable neglect. Victor Frankenstein went out of his way to do a huge scientific experiment, this was to create another being unnaturally. Victor uses his skilled …show more content…
This abandonment also affected the monster and caused the deaths of innocent people. However the monster did not have feelings when he was first created, but he soon learned the basic things about human life. The monster then realizes what his creator has done to him, filled with indignation for his creator, he soon did what he felt he had to, which was to ruin Victor's life. He also realizes that he is not a salubrious human being, and will never be apart of society or ever be loved. He also learns by reading books and compares himself to the characters in these books, “I found myself similar, yet at the same time strangely unlike to the beings concerning whom I read”, (Jago 913). He learns this because he studied a family and watched their every move. He soon learns basic words, “ I learned and applied the words, fire, milk, bread, and wood. I learned also the names of the cottagers themselves”, (Jago 905). After prognosticating that he will be alone forever, the monster wants to take his anger out on Victor and cause him misery. The monster curses his creator after reading Victor's Lab notes, this also causing the monster to feel as though he is actually a monster and not a normal human like the rest of them

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