Frankenstein As The Desire For Power Essay

710 Words Dec 31st, 2015 3 Pages
One of the main topics of Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein appears as the desire for power. One character that shows its desire for power in Frankenstein is the creature, which Victor Frankenstein brought to life after almost two years of working only to flee in terror of it.. The creature shows this desire for power throughout the novel, especially when it begins to kill the people that Victor Frankenstein cares about. The creature almost immediately obtains its freedom at the beginning of the novel, when Victor Frankenstein flees from it in the laboratory after bringing it to life. The creature gains power over Victor Frankenstein’s life and influences starts to influence it after murdering William, Victor’s younger brother. By the time that William is murdered the monster appears to have a strong dislike for his creator and wishes to harm him and his family, resulting in William’s death. The creature gained control over some aspects of Victor Frankenstein’s life, indirectly making him return to Geneva to see his family after his brother’s death and see Justine’s trial. The creature placed a picture of Justine on the body of William, in order to frame her for the murder, and as a result of this Justine falsely confesses to his murder and then gets executed. After seeing William’s body, Victor Frankenstein knows that the monster was responsible for his brother’s death and not Justine and at this time Victor slowly begins to lose more of his freedom to allow the…

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