Frank Lloyd Wright: American Architecture

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Frank Lloyd Wright is widely considered as one of the greatest architects in the history of the world and the “greatest modern architect in American history” according to the American Institute of Architects. The quote above just shows how much he thought architecture could change the world and how he wanted people to see his architecture. Wright was not only an American architect, he was also an interior designer, writer and educator. He designed over 1000 structures of which 532 were built, however he was never famous amongst his peers or the public in America during his lifetime. Born on June 8, 1867, in Richland Center, Wisconsin, Wright grew up an outdoorsy kid. As a young boy, he fell in love with the Wisconsin landscape, which would …show more content…
This house is in a remote area in Pennsylvania and has a 30-foot waterfall built into the house. This house was designed to put its occupants close to their natural surroundings and is more of a family getaway then a home. According to, this is Wright’s crowning achievement and the American Institute of Architects calls it the “Best all-time work in American Architecture.” This house is amazing to look at from the water fall to the way it looks like it is made into the mountain. This piece of architecture is truly unbelievable.

During Frank Lloyd Wright’s career, he accomplished many incredible things, however he wasn’t very popular amongst his peers and the American public until about 50 years after his death on April 9, 1959 in Phoenix Arizona. Now, he has made a bigger impact on architecture than any other American architect ever and has inspired thousands around the world. He began his work when the United States was struggling not only find its identity in architecture, but also its identity as an entire nation. His style and thought process were well advanced for his time, which is why very few architects have tried to recreate his unorthodox style pointing to how genius he truly was. Frank Lloyd Wright was a one of a kind mind that we may never see again in the history of the world. He didn’t just change the way we build houses and buildings and the way we look at architecture, he changed the way we live

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