Frank Foley: The Most Significant People During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a very traumatic event and was something that changed people’s lives forever. There were very many people who had tried to save others in the genocide and they used very unique ways of doing so. The Holocaust was a gruesome event, although some people tried to resist the genocide and help others. Frank Foley was one of those people who had helped others during this horrendous time, which showed his strength, bravery, and intelligence during the Holocaust. Frank Foley was born on November 24, 1884, in Highbridge, Somerset, England. After he served in World War I, Major Foley had became a British Secret Intelligence Service officer. Before the Holocaust began, Foley had a large amount of experience in being an officer. He was undercover as a passport officer at the British Embassy. He was also give …show more content…
He saved all those people in many ways. Foley did not have diplomatic immunity, so as a result he entered concentration camps and gave visas to Jews, so that they could leave Germany. He had saved Jews before 1939 when World War II was beginning. Since the amount of Jews he saved was so large, he is known as “the spy who saved ten thousand Jews”. His main way of saving and helping the Jews was interpreting the rules on visas loosely and helping forge passports. Frank Foley would “legally” allow Jews to escape to Britain or Palestine by changing the rules when stamping passports. Another way Foley helped was sheltering some Jews in his own home. In 1938, Foley and his wife, Katharine, were hiding Jews in their apartment in Berlin. Before returning to London, he left a pile of visas and instructions for Jews that were wanting to leave Germany. Frank Foley used many ways to help people in need and had saved ten thousand Jews doing so. If Frank Foley had gotten caught, he would’ve suffered very heavy consequences. His way of doing these actions needed both bravery and

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