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The Rowan Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies hosted an event on Wednesday, September 21st, for an elder man who had survived the Holocaust. David Tuck came to campus to tell his story of survival. Born in Poland, Tuck was just six months old when his mother passes away. Following her death, he moved in with his grandparents who raised him until he was eight. His estranged father came back into his life around this time. For two years, he went to live with his father and his new step family. It was after these two years, when David Tuck was only ten years old, that the war began. Tuck began his recollection of the horrific events by claiming, “I don’t believe it myself. What happened to me. Picture yourself on September 1st, …show more content…
Tuck and nine other boys were assigned to go out into the city to collect trash off the streets. Everyday they would be dropped off until 4pm. Polish people living in the city would sneak bread to the boys whenever they could. However, they couldn’t bring the bread back into the camp or they would be killed. David Tuck recounted one specific day. Three boys went missing at the end of the day. Someone had taken the boys in, but the Gestapo had uncovered them. He will “never forget” the words of one of the Gestapo who said, “I give ten minutes, if God strikes me dead, I’ll set them free.” The three boys were killed. When the camp Tuck was in closed, he was transported to another camp briefly before ending up at the infamous Auschwitz. He and the other mechanics were told that they would be placed on trucks and if they worked, they would go free. Tuck said of his supposed offer of freedom, “The only way to be free, was to die.” Upon his arrival to the camp, he was given a tattoo on his forearm, a uniform, and was then put to …show more content…
The guards claimed there was no place for them yet. Truthfully, the war was coming to an end and the German’s were losing power to the American soldiers. Throughout the next days of his journey, Tuck ate anything he could; grass and leaves to name a few. When the American’s finally came, the German guards claimed that anyone who left the barracks would be shot and killed. Tuck thought he was going to die right as the end of the war was near. Thankfully, he survived those final days before being released by the American

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