Francisco I. Madero Essay

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Franciso I. Madero

The Rosary was born in the Property, Parras, Coahuila, in 1873. It belonged to a well-off family of agriculturists. It made studies of commerce in France and the United States.

From 1904 it took part in political subjects of Coahuila. President of the Independent Democratic Party named, that was against the re-election of the governor, Miguel Cardinal red. He collaborated in the organ of that party: The Democrat, in whom he wrote political articles, spreading his ideas on the human rights, the vote and the freedom.
In 1908 I publish the Presidential Succession of 1910, book in which put to recover the democracy under protection of the Constitution of 1857. In its work it defended the political freedom and it
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• Respect to the individual guarantees.
The 6 of following June, Log was jailed under the accusation of "CONATO of rebellion and ultraje to the authorities". It was transferred San Luis Potosi, where he waited for the accomplishment of the elections, that favored it mainly, and where it received the news of the fraud committed by Diaz, who declared reelecto again.
The 6 of October, Log fled, taking refuge in San Antonio, Texas. By the end of that month, sent the Plan of San Luis, in whom it declared null this re-election. Log designated provisional governors and called to the national insurrection, that had to begin the 20 of November from 1910 to six of afternoon.
Rises armed in several states of the country were triggered.
The call of Log had as first result the taking of Juárez city, that was a surprise attack directed by Paschal Orozco, Francisco Villa, Jose of the Light Blanco and Jose Garibaldi, in whom the Seat of Juárez city surrendered, reason why Log installed its provisional government.
In treaties of Juárez city, signed the 21 of May of 1911, the disarmament of the revolutionaries, the resignations of Porfirio Diaz and Francisco I. Madero to the presidency in fact and the provisional presidency settled down, respectively. Also, one remembered that the Minister of Outer Relations, Francisco Leon of Barra, assumed the temporary presidency to pacify to the country and to summon to general elections.

The candidacies

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