France Conditions From The 1780 ' S Essay

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In the 1780’s, France conditions were bad. The food prices were way up , and the crops were not good at all. The taxes in France were up because of King Louis XVI. King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were spending so much money, they put themselves far into debt. The taxes were so bad, poor people were left even poorer because they were spending their paychecks on taxes. Only Nobles and other higher classes/ranking people didn 't have to pay taxes. The king and queen didn 't care about the well-being of their kingdom. King Louis XVI and Queen Antoinnette abuse their power which force France into more debt.

In 1789 there was a meeting of the Estates this meeting was known as the meeting of the Estates General the meeting because consists of three parts the nobility the clergy and the commoners otherwise known as the calling people which I am a part of. King Louis X VI organize this meeting so the three estates can figure out the governments financial crisis. We sat here for weeks trying to figure out how to fix these financial problems it was difficult to vote by orders since we couldn 't go altogether the nobility and Claire do you wanted to go by the states because it gave them the advantage but the third estate wanted to go altogether since we had more people than the two of us states combined we were upset that we couldn 't do a bow altogether so we made our own national assembly this was a step towards democracy because we wanted ever everywhere not just this states…

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