Essay on Framing Is The Selection Of A Specific Aspect Of An Event

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Framing is the “selection of a specific aspect of an event to emphasize one dominant feature in a news item” (Professor S. Jeppeson, personal communication, Feb 26th 2016). The news article chooses one dominant feature to focus on and excludes other information. This creates a bias in the information presented because they are purposely focusing on certain information and emphasizing that feature. Therefore media framing is how the news is presented in a way that changes the audience’s perception on a certain topic. The same topic can be presented differently by different news sources. “Considerable variation in the way a national press reports on global events, as each tends to frame the observed news in a light favourable to its national objectives” (Jackson, Neilson, Hsu 131). The news is framed in a way that is favourable to the audience because this creates less resistance for the audience to face. Essentially, they way the information is presented changes what the audience receives from the information. Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a plan to legalize marijuana. This topic is being broadcasted differently by many news sources, some are stating that this plan with create stricter rules and regulations on who can attain this drug, some are considered about the health of citizens and others are interested in Trudeau’s specific plan moving forward. Each article has a different dominant message and that’s what the audience is influenced into thinking.

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