Fracking Laws And Regulations On The Nation Essay

958 Words Nov 4th, 2016 4 Pages
As fracking has become more and more prominent in today’s society, there have been a lot of new rules and regulations that have been put into place and updated since they began fracking. Colorado has some of the most up to date fracking laws and regulations put into place, being that it is has one of the biggest fracking outputs in the nation. They are required to collect and test a water sample before they begin drilling and then a follow-up testing, 3 months after the drilling has concluded. EPA-approved analytical methods for drinking water must be used and analyses must be performed by laboratories that maintain state or nationally accredited programs. New groundwater protection rules require that operators sample nearby water wells both before and after drilling activities. This will require sampling up to four water wells within one-half mile of a new oil and gas well prior to drilling, and two more samples of each well between six and 12 months and again between five and six years. ( “he findings of this research suggest that agency staff and the governor were strong agenda blockers by playing down the problem and employing symbolic placation strategies. However, due to the nature of the collaborative rule-making process, stakeholder groups, here…

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