Foxconn Apple Essay

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Q3: What are the ethical implications of this decision, and who is likely to be impacted? The ethical implication based on Apple’s decision to continue business with Foxconn was still questionable and seems like be unethical by some people. Apple can make significant profit on the sale of its products considering the price of Apple’s products and what its supplier’s workers outside of the USA are getting paid. As we can see, in 2010 the wages of Foxconn worker was about 900 Yuan ($143 per month).Apple’s newest iPhone costs minimum of $200 with a wireless company is convenient for Apple to continue business with Foxconn as it still able to gain profit from this relationship and do not suffer losses. We can say …show more content…
Thus, by staying in business with Foxconn, Apple encourages this poor treatment of Foxconn’s workers. If more orders are coming in from Apple as new products are coming out, Foxconn needs more labor forces to make product. In order to fulfill orders, they will not spending cost to hire new workers instead of the existing workers might be required to work overtime, may not be able to take days off and suicide incidents may arise again. Therefore, this decision is not right. Lastly, If Foxconn does not improve the way it treats its workers and Apple continues working with Foxconn, this issue will become more publicized as it will be catching media’s attention. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the way companies operate and how they act socially, not only what their profits are. Every time the issue comes up, it is harder to cover it up from media. Eventually consumers might realize that while they are being overcharged for their new Apple devices, those who made these devices with their own hands are paying much higher price for it-the price of their own well-being, and even the price of their lives. Thus, if Apple and Foxconn continue business as usual, then Apple’s decision might not further sustainable development as it might start losing its valuable customers due to the

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