Fossil Fuels : The World 's Primary Energy Source Essay

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OVERVIEW Coal, gas, and natural gas are the fossil fuels which are currently the world’s primary-energy source. Fossil fuels are made millions of years ago from organic materials such as plants and animals. Fossil fuels are finite resources and can cause irreparable damage to the environment. Fossil fuels are considered to be responsible for global warming. There are many activist and campaigns launched calling for divestment from fossil fuels, especially from large companies and universities. Divesting from fossil fuels is a logical and most sustainable way to save the environment, but it is unrealistic for University of New York to end its’ current investments with the companies which provide the University energy to keep the school running smoothly and efficiently. According to Driessen and Bezdek, “Divestment demands distract universities from their central responsibilities of teaching and molding inquisitive minds.” (Driessen & Bezdek, 2015, para. 7)
• Weather dependent renewable energies such as solar and wind face considerable investment risks (Tietjen, Pahle, & Fuss, 2016, para. 1)
• Development of renewable energy may be a slow process
• Fossil fuels enabled 1.3 billion people to escape debilitating energy poverty (Driessen & Bezdek, 2015, para. 16)
• Industrialization, fueled largely by coal, gas, and oil, has brought advances in health, higher standards of living, and tremendous social progress (Freeman, 2015, p. 1)
• Extraction of…

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