Fossil Fuels And Renewable Energy Essays

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Our Earth was once green and full of nature. In a few centuries, technology and human development swiftly influenced our dependence on fossil fuels. Massive consumption of oil, coal, and gas drastically transformed our settlements into powerhouses for further progression. We now have electricity for lighting, gasoline for transportation, and coal for power sources. However, fossil fuels are being consumed at a rate faster than we can recover. The only possible key is to achieve a more balanced energy mix between mass burning of fossil fuels and clean renewable energy. In this research paper, I have analyzed mostly from scholarly articles as they provides honest feedback on the ongoing issue about the energy trend. It includes researches from university professors, faculty members, Energy Department, and also policy makers. Data and statistics provided by the academic institution are usually unbiased and have a logical approach to the issue. Moreover, economic perspective is also researched in order to understand how much fossil fuels and renewable energy correlates in the market of price and consumer demand. Web researches help evaluate on the solutions and counterargument on the use of renewable energy. Last, a local newspaper article reflects the public perspective on the clean energy.
How much renewable energy is used?
Renewable energy resources supplied 13.2 percent of electricity generation nationally in 2012. It was a steady increase of 2 percent since 2009. Data…

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