Formive Education: Formative Education

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Formative Education
Educators of students with disabilities can cultivate a worthwhile learning experience. The education of children with disabilities must go beyond the concern of making employees for supermarket stores. Instead, their education should develop their minds with wisdom, virtue, and eloquence (54). Formative education is a gift from God for all the children of the world, even the most struggling students. It aims for children to discern, to thrive, to serve, to know, and to live as good citizens of the Kingdom of God. Formative education for children with special needs and struggling students centers its attention on the following different structures: early intervention, strength of the mind, and development of character.
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Formative education longs to shape the character with the ultimate aim of acquiring wisdom, eloquence, and virtue. It requires effort and commitment from both teacher and student, but the benefits last a lifetime. Formative education believes that every discipline of study has worth in itself for the formation of mind and character.It humanizes the individual and teaches how to think, to discern, to reason and to aspire. The uses of academic areas such as logic help children with disabilities to link their thinking process and turn them from their destructive patterns (82). Offering structure and encouragement provide the best blend of real learning. Struggling students without witnessing achievement will tend to drop their level of performance due to a lack of effort …show more content…
Jesus Christ was able to manifest himself to reach and poor, wise and unwise, with language difficulties or to exceptional writers and speakers.I want to treat my special-need students with the humanity Jesus treat me. I will make a chart of their strengths and disabilities setting mini goals every,day, month, and year. I will integrate their learning experience into their daily life by setting a plan of acction that will include the help of their parents and therapists. I will research for places or strategies(books, songs, chants, etc..) where my students could acquire digestible knowledge. If I push them toward the strengthening of bodies and minds, I will never tell them that their disabilities enable them to reach certain scale or grade. Instead I will design an individual achievement scale where I could measure their improvement according to their current stage of

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