Forgiveness Letter For Forgiveness

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forgiveness. Ray Aleman has been the best friend a guy could ask for. We had many great times playing sports together and I hope we will get together and relive some of them in the near future. Jack Massucci is another lifelong pal and confidant who was part of our community band of brothers. As youngsters, he and I were inseparable and I am blessed to still count him among my good friends. Nonetheless, I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend, Ron Moreland. Ron, who was one of our gang from the old neighborhood, battled cancer for more than 20 years and was the epitome of strength and determination. With excruciating pain throughout his body, he suffered quietly to the very end. Ron, you were a great guy, who showed tremendous courage in face of a horrible disease. The scout who signed me to my first contract in professional baseball was Chuck Koney of the …show more content…
When we were first together, many people saw us as the picture-perfect couple, the real-life version of Ken and Barbie. But back then, I had no idea about how a marriage should work or how to be a husband. Through the years I have often thought about the turbulent times in our marriage and asked myself, "Why did we?" But whenever I see our daughter, Stacy and our son, Nick, my receive my answer. I am extremely proud of Stacy, who served seven and a half years overseas with the United States Air Force, and her husband, Rich Draves, a retiree of the City of Tucson, Arizona Fire Department. The two of you have done quite well for yourselves and I look forward to your next visit. Also, an Air Force veteran, Nick served for 27 years. He and his wife, Stacia have given me two exceptional grandsons, Devin who is 20 years old and Landon who is 15. In The Book of Proverbs we read, "Children 's children are a crown to the aged." And for both of you, I will always want the best that life has to

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