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Cultural Anthropology

March 8, 2015

Turnbull’s The Forest People

Turnbull’s The Forest People, is a book written about the Pygmy’s culture and how people living in this tribe survived. Colin Turnbull decided to evoke on a journey where he analyzes this interesting lives of the Pygmies. Throughout the story we find several key components that give us more of an understanding about each valuable thing that the Pygmies do everyday. This can be found from the way they eat with portions to the way they raise their children with tender and love. Even though each component is extremely different then what we do in today’s society, there are definitely some valuable lessons that can be learned through reading and
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How is it possible that a country so wealthy and powerful has citizens living in it that don’t get at least one proper meal a day? This is a disgrace and simply embarrassing. We should aspire to be like the Pygmy’s and never let one of our own ever go hungry, In the Pygmy culture, each mother took care of the other mothers’ children. In today’s society, parents worry about their own children and that is all. It is actually slightly insulting for another parent to try to act as a parental figure for others children. You will find mothers today talking about other children saying things such as “Well that’s not my kid so I don’t care.” However, no one stops to think about how this may benefit their children. The Pygmy mothers all band together and take care of every child. Basically, every child learns different things from each mother. All mothers are different, and they each have something different that they can teach their children and open up their minds too. By learning from a wide range of mothers, children can find out easily what interests them by observing the mothers interests and deciding for themselves what they enjoy and what they do not. Also, some mothers are more educated in things than others. Where one mother may struggle, another will prosper. In the Pygmy’s culture there is a ceremony called the “Alyma Ceremony”, through this after

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