Forensic Parenting Essay

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Forensic Functioning In America the word forensics proposes crime in a way that excites stories on serial killers, murder, crime scene investigation, and heavy DNA analysis. In reality, this only breaks the ice on what forensic science fully consists of. Forensic science is initially any science used for the purpose of law. The evidence tested is used in the court of law, criminal investigation, and trial. A forensic scientist does perform tests on blood and bodily fluid as well as fingerprints, but you cannot always count on the spin-off like CSI to win the case. When choosing my vocation, I keep a few things in mind. First, I would like my profession to be something interesting. Forensics is interesting because of the diversity in career paths for someone who is considering the field. For example, a crime scene is swept by investigators and they …show more content…
Michael Baden, former chief medical examiner, author, and doctor. I have watched his show Autopsy and I find his area interesting and his knowledge in the subject refreshing. Another influential scientist is Sir Alec Jefferys because he developed techniques for DNA fingerprinting and profiling. He's a British geneticist and was knighted for his work. DNA fingerprinting showed variations of the genetic code to identify people. DNA profiling was made more sensitive, compatible with duplication and can be amended to a computer. This scientist is interesting because his method became the standard in DNA profiling. Another person I would enjoy interviewing is Katie Brigance. When I was looking for a forensic program at the University of North Texas in Denton. I came across a short student highlight about her degree plan and achievements. She is at the point in the program where she will be finishing next year. To have insight on the path into forensic science from someone who is ahead of me would be very

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