Foreign Education And About New Lifestyle Essay

1030 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
During my immigration from Pakistan to America I was very excited about foreign education and about new lifestyle. In Pakistan I was a bright student, I went to college in Pakistan for one year as an Engineering student and also did exams and passed all my classes with flying colors. At the day I went home early and mother gave a one good news about our immigration to America. At that point, me and my family members were so, much happy and excited. We did our packing and collecting all our important paper that will help us to prove our self in American be a legal immigrant.
When went to America on May 3, 2104 me and my family experience experience new environment, saw different peoples across the world and heard many new languages. Then, we went to our grandma 's house to live and after a few days my parents and uncle decided for admission in school for me and my siblings at Upper Darby High. I was very feared and scared because I don’t know anyone. But, when I went to admission office with my parent to get admission, I gave my previous education records that I brought from my country. I accept in school but, I had to take the admission test for checking my strengths and weakness and based on that I received Siddiqi, page 2 my all classes. I scored average in my English, so, I had to the ESL program to improve my English. I was very excited for that class because on that class I had to learn English, but, when I talk to…

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