Forced Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Juliet is faced with a lot of forced love, even though Juliet loves Romeo. Juliet’s parents aren’t very supportive about the fact that Juliet wants to encounter real and a more serious relationship. Juliet’s guardians Lady and Lord Capulet believe that since Juliet reached adulthood, she should already have a lover. What they don’t know is that Juliet really does have a lover and on top of that is married, Romeo. Her parents however, had a feud with Romeo’s family the Montagues and strongly disapprove with Juliet being with a “low life” after the feud occured. But, without this knowledge that Romeo and Juliet are married secretly due to the help from Friar Lawrence. They still believe …show more content…
So, with these three examples all including how Juliet was forced with marriage or love, coming from Paris her try to be lover, The Nurse her mother figure, and Lord and Lady Capulet her own parents, attempting to make Juliet love a person she doesn’t want to love, because Juliet loves Romeo. But, Juliet already knows that her parents will not accept the fact that Juliet loves a Montague, since the big feud between the two families was still present. Juliet’s parents still would’ve believed that Romeo was a villian just because of his name. When it is told throughout the book, he did all of his rebellious acts in order to protect Juliet, of course her parents didn’t know that, as well as Juliet not telling them that Romeo and her were seeing each other in the first place for n extended period of time. Which are reasons on why the Capulet’s wouldn’t approve, since he did so many rebellious acts that it turned off the Capulet family. Even if Juliet were to tell them Romeo was a good man, the Capulet’s still probably wouldn’t believe her, which on that note is why the Capulet’s forced a lover into Juliet’s life without her consent, and how the theme of forceful love in the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare was present throughout the play and

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