For an Organization of Your Choice, Critically Assess Whether the Marketing Mix Contributes to the Success of the Organization. for an Organization of Your Choice, Critically Assess Whether the Marketing Mix Contributes

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For an organization of your choice, critically assess whether the marketing mix contributes to the success of the organization.

The marketing mix model initially given by Borden (1964) is about the ways in which 12 marketing elements could be adopted to bring about a desired behaviour of trade at optimum costs. Consequently a simple framework of the marketing mix with the predominantly used elements of 4Ps was given by McCarthy (1964 cited in Constantinides, 2006). This model which dominated for 40 years has come into lot of criticism with the development of alternative marketing theories (Grönroos, 1994). One of the main concerns is that the marketers and actors in this model have been assumed to be homogeneous (Hedaa et
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Also Kotler et al. (2007) support the need for brand building in B2B by saying that companies could command a premium price among customers and a premium stock price among investors.

According to Håkansson et al. (2005), Place has to be the main player in the value creation process which involves creation of economic value by combining features of resources such as products, production facilities, distribution channels in business units and business relationships at various locations. On these lines Rolls-Royce manages its relations with its suppliers using a Global Supplier Portal (GSP) for the Aero Gas turbine supply chain by which it automates and accelerates the purchasing business functions (Rolls, 2010c). The GSP fosters open and trust based relationships by standardising the processes which helps in sustainable continuous improvements and becoming responsive to business needs.
Helander et al. (2008) suggest that the role descriptions of a supplier should be changed from being a equipment/material supplier to a performance provider so as to succeed in the market. Rolls Royce recognises this and uses a process called Supplier Total Evaluation Process (STEP) to provide an evaluation of supplier performance measures, coupled with capability assessment to highlight required areas for improvement (Rolls, 2010e). Moreover as the knowledge and capabilities of suppliers

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