Why Is Britain's Lonely High-Flier

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1. Britain’s Lonely high-flier

1.(a) The article clearly points towards how Rolls-Royce evolved as a company, how it applied its production tactics efficiently suiting the market, how it handled its competitors to stay strong in the market, how it minimized cost & maximized profits & finally how it played the cards of globalization.
Reading the article, one thing that strikes significantly is that it’s all about G of Production. As far as my understanding goes about G of Production, it’s all about how you bring production innovation & changes the best way possible to build yourself in the market. Rolls-Royce cleared focused on value creation to its clients. It not only focused on the clients but also the end users experience of its products. Rolls-Royce is into production of huge engines be it of aircrafts primarily, also that of submarines, ships turbines etc. If we go back to the history of Rolls-Royce, it was a company which has transformed itself from a lossmaking British Firm into the worlds second-biggest maker of large jet engines. Because of it full fledged production strategies; it has been
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Though between Jan 05 to Jan 07 it appreciated at a higher scale comparatively but after Jan 07 i.e. from Jan 08 to Jan 09 it appreciated at a depreciating scale. Though Swiss Franc is pegged to Euro, it’s not the same to US dollar. So that’s the reason we can see the appreciation & depreciation of dollar value being small. Also we can see that the value of one US Dollar was lower than one Swiss Franc until Jan 06. In Jan 07, it was equal to the Franc & then it gradually increased in small proportion from Jan 08 to Jan 09. Even today the value of US Dollar is appreciating to Franc, thanks to the growing economy of US compared to that of Swiss. Even today we can see that the value of Franc is lesser than US dollar. If am not wrong, its 0.98Franc = 1 US

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