Bernie Madoff Case Summary

Ethical Situation

Bernie Madoff is a prime example of an ethical situation involving a salesperson

with a real world company. This man founded a Wall Street firm, in his name, and

was the chairman of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. His employees

surrounding his business included family members such as a brother, niece,

daughter and sons. The firm was a well-known marketing business and he was an

individual who was trusted among his peer.

At the start of his business, Madoff was a man that had influence over others.

He was able to convince a vast number of investors to believe that he could invest their

money for them and make a quick return to their bank accounts. In order to make this

happen, he paid
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This would profit personnel in building stronger accomplishments in

achieving and selling successes. With this form of partnering style it would empower

the adding of value to the company and increase prospective clients. I would try

to keep in mind the influence that I have as a sales manager of those I supervise.

I would emphasize, by frequent reminders, to the salespeople on the importance of

customer relationships. How these relationships will benefit them as an individual, but

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also the benefits it will provide to the company. Suggesting to keep in mind how the word

of mouth brings in a new customer and brings about an invaluable effect. These types of

relationships that are built with sales will build the business and continue to improve the

business’ reputation. I would inspire the sales people that a prompt response to a

customer may determine the difference between a common company to an exceptional

one, an ordinary sale person to a superior one. All things considered, I feel that communication with those that work for

me will be a key to success in a business. To be open and honest and do my best to listen

when others have suggestions. Considering that a good business ethic

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