Football Is The Most Popular Sport Essay

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Illustration Essay

Every Sunday, in the homes of millions of Americans, men are watching the big football games on their televisions. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the game or not, it has become a ritual to some, to watch the football game. To the casual person, they might wonder why men spend all their time watching football. No other sport is as talked about, and beloved as football is in this country. So then, why is it so popular in this country? Well, football is by far the most popular sport in this country because it has the most exposure to its audience; people of different backgrounds can play, and people in general love its action.
To understand why this game is so popular, you must know that football has more exposure than any other sport. The media have exposed this sport through games, sports networks, and in newspapers. Every football season, fans are looking forward to buying the new ‘ 'Madden ' ' NFL video games, or playing fantasy football online. These games target the younger generation of fans to compete against one another. Other programs for the youth include the Optimist Football program where parents can enlist their sons and daughters to play football. These programs are design to get youngsters to love the sport and have fun. Nowadays, people can always get the latest football by tuning into ESPN and watch highlights of all the games. ESPN also host experts who give their professional analysis of each game and break down plays to the…

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