Food Waste Is The Important Part Of Food Essay

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Introduction While a lot of people around the world are suffering from poverty and hunger, there are millions of pounds’ food wasted every day. Food is a significant part to save the human life since it gives the necessary elements for humans’ energy. But, what happens when food goes to the trash? People waste food instead of saving it. In addition, they do not have any idea of the issues that are made because of their actions. Have you heard about food waste? Food waste! It might be a kind of strange topic to think about, right? Many people do not know what “food waste” means. United Nations reported “Food waste is the important part of food loss which is the decrease in quantity or quality of food.” (Think. Eat. Save,2016).
After World War II, food waste issues appeared in many countries such as America and France, it has increased since1974(Cobb, 2014). In 2015, Rastegary reported “1.3 billion tons of food with 1.5 quadrillion kcal is wasted globally per year.” (Rastegary, 2015). In France alone, there is around seven million tons of food that goes to trash every year (Marshall, 2016). Unfortunately, food waste is an issue that endangers many countries around the world for hundreds of years. Through this paper, I would go to discuss some facts about food waste such as: food waste’ reasons, it’s important, it’s possible solutions, and the opponents’ believe about each point of food waste areas.
Food Waste
There are many points around the food waste need to be…

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