Food Stamps : A Problem With The Food Stamp Program Essay

1733 Words Jan 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Have you ever had a problem with the food stamp program or have you ever experience needing food stamps and getting denied? Well even though some people believe that more people being able to receive food stamps may result in a higher rate of misuse and abuse of food stamps, the eligibility guidelines and limitations should be changed and improved because people who aren’t qualified for food stamps actually need them and are struggling to make ends meet, some people are able to receive food stamps but still are struggling because of the small amount that they are receiving, and varieties of things that are able to be purchased and locations where food stamps are accepted are limited. n the government 's eyes the people who aren 't qualified for food stamps because of the eligibility guidelines don 't need food stamps, but in actuality those people who hit right above the marker to not get food stamps are still struggling to make ends meet and are in need of those food stamps. I have actually experienced this issue first hand; my mom applied for food stamps and was denied of getting them because she hit literally right above the line for the annual income you must receive in order to be qualified for food stamps. My mom gets a check every month to which she has to pay all of the bills with, and buy necessary things for the house as well as try to have enough money left over to get food. My mom applied for food stamps to not have to scramble to try and have money to buy…

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