Food Safety Essay

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Food is an essential constituent in human life. Nevertheless, some foods can be detrimental to a person’s organism by causing life-threatening diseases. For that reason, food safety comes into play. Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent illness. This includes a set of laws that should be followed to stay away from potentially severe health hazards. Food can transmit disease from individual to individual, and also serves as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning (Roberts, 2001). Debates on genetic food safety include such issues as the impact of genetically modified foods on the health of further generations and genetic pollution of the …show more content…
These tests are generally issued by the local health department or a national organization such as Serv-Safe (Jardin, 2009, para.3). While food- testing provides safety regulations for restaurants; it also helps preserve their reputation for a lot of years.
Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is kitchen management. Management that understands the benefits of food safety will communicate this knowledge to their staff, making the entire operation run effectively. A staff that constantly uses safe practices will tend to waste less food and create a better product and self-monitor kitchen procedure allowing management to focus on customer satisfaction and the business and promotion of the restaurant (Johnson, 2008, para.2). This type of basic knowledge is essential to operating a safe and efficient kitchen. For example, perishable goods must be kept refrigerated at 40 degrees F or below (Johnson, 2008, para.4). In addition, hot foods must be kept at least at 140 degrees or above (Johnson, 2008, para.1). Foods that are pulled off the stove or line and cooled must be brought down from 140 degrees to 40 degrees within four hours in order to be safe. There are also other kinds of steps for kitchen safety such as sanitizing kitchen dishcloths and sponges regularly and washing cutting board with soap

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