Essay about Food Safety Is A Dangerous Thing For The Human Race

1069 Words Nov 5th, 2015 5 Pages
Food safety is a very banal issue nowadays. The community wants to know and feel the need to know that kind of food they are ingesting, what they are exposed to. This issue, after years of debate is still not deciphered. The food industry is a major and important concern regarding health and ethics. There has been a lot of confusion, manipulation and faulty information about the topic. A lot of people now are in war with the biotechnological process for genetically modified food; anti-GMO movements have been springing. There are major big companies that have some control over America’s food supply in an enormous way, for example Monsanto. But the major point of this paper is focused on the controversy that has made GMO foods very noticeable. People have been harshly criticizing the GMO foods production. People do not realize that genetically engineered food is doing immensely great thing for the human race. They instead prefer to believe that there are safer food options out there, for example organic, even though they have to pay some extra money. Because there exist misguided researches claiming that they bring serious health risks to the individuals who consume them, while others say that they are just prejudices. The truth is that they are not harmful just because of the fact that they are genetically modified; there is other factor that could deprecate them, for example chemicals in pesticides. Instead, there should be people trying to find solution to eco-friendly…

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