Food Production Is The Process Of Transforming Raw Ingredients Into Prepared Food Products

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According to Godfrey and Clarke 2000, food production is the process of transforming raw ingredients into prepared food products. In other words may be defined as the process of transformation of raw, se-mi-prepared, or prepared foodstuffs.

According to Nelson College London Unit Handbook, they are 8 methods of food productions:

• Traditional
• Batch cooking
• Call-order
• Centralised
• Cook-chill
• Cook-freeze
• Sous-vide
• Assembly kitchens

But only 3 methods will be discussed here.

1. Traditional method:

According to Hall 2000, In the conventional parties method, the majority of food is purchased raw, very little falling into what we now call the ‘’convenience foods’’ category. Facilities are provided for the receipt and storage of goods, the preparation, cooking, holding and service of food. The traditional method is used in most kitchen establishment.

2. Centralised method: According to Cateringnet This method is frequently adopted by large chains that are looking to outsource all or part of their food production.

3. Cook-chill method:

This method is a catering system based on normal preparation and cooking of food followed by rapid chilling and storage says NCL handbook. The cooking of meals at a central factory, rapidly chilling them for storage until they are needed it 's a process of cook-chill method. Cook chill foods need to be packed in shallow trays to make more efficient. And the method is similar to cook-freeze apart from refrigeration…

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