Essay about Food Poisoning Outbreak : The Media

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Food Poisoning Outbreak
The media sometimes has a tendency to sensationalize news stories. This is often done to capture the attention of a larger audience of viewers or readers. For this reason, it is essential to reduce the media’s opportunities to broadcast these exaggerations by publishing your own statement that is both clear and candid as quickly as possible. In the event that a cruise line experienced an outbreak of food poisoning, as the PR director, I would immediately begin contacting the departments on the boat that were involved. I would likely begin with the head of the kitchen staff to see if they were able to offer some explanation as to the cause of the outbreak. After gathering all of the facts, I would then begin to formulate a statement for the public. In doing this, I would be careful to avoid using vague language that could potentially be misconstrued by the public or distorted by the media. I would also refrain from using wording that would make it sound as though the cruise line was shying away from responsibility. In my opinion, when it sounds as though a company is attempting to eschew their involvement in circumstances similar to these, it sometimes breeds distrust in that company. I feel as though the best course of action would be to, first, present the public with the facts. Next, we would accept responsibility for the situation and issue a formal apology to all who were affected by the outbreak. Lastly, we would make it known that the cruise…

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