Food Of Food And Nutrition Essay

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Food is essential to human’s health and wellbeing, it is very important to have a good understanding of what kind of food we are eating. Food choices that influence and affect our knowledge of the several mechanisms. According to The edition of Australia’s food & nutrition in 2012 proposals about our nutrition and food structure. A comprehensive and better knowledge of food and nutrition scheme is life-threatening and need a quiz respond, in order to avoid the risk that may arises in the future, such as environmental sustainability, nutrition-related diseases and food insecurity. The edition offers defined information on how inter relationships and communications between the system work (Australia food and nutrition, 2012). According to National Nutrition Policy and a new mechanism for National Food Plan were established to an analysed a current situation (Australia food and nutrition, 2012).

Restaurant, catering and café sectors are defining as food trading centre under (the division of the Australian Bureau of statistics). In 2004, The Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that 37,699 café, restaurants and catering businesses have been registered, meanwhile, during that time there were substantial increase in accommodation, cafés and restaurants (pre-budget submission, 2011-2012). The number of restaurants and cafes operation in Australia since 2010 was about 45,000- 50, 000(pre-budget submission, 2011-2012). The take-away industry make a total of 2.6%…

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