Food Is A Necessity For All Life Essay example

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Food is a necessity for all life, and the food markets are selling very well known food brands. The situation nowadays with food is the new brands that are being created and the new words, including; saturated fats, dietary fats, lipids, and nutrients. Food is being fixed in order to create a better life for people to stay healthy; therefore cutting off the access to fats and carbohydrates to induce groups to buy the newer brands. In Defense of Food has the ability to change the perspectives of the viewer, in which may or may not cause a change of choice for the nutrients being noticed and bought. Nutritions are just a step further into the scientific aspect, and where scientist began to formulate new and improved nutrients for nearly a huge portion of American food. Different brands with an identical nutrition label’s, coming from the off-brand to the original, are compared with substantial effort to create a more preferred food that meets the needs of an individual. Food goes through changes one after another, and in time can create horrible outcomes to the human race due to chemicals being added and or replaced. Through different years of marketing food in grocery stores, to recent scientific studies on food composition, it takes a toll on the new generation of people. From the years of the past, around WWII, many of the citizens were scarce on food, and lead to a lower risk of cardiac problems due to the small rations of animal fats and gasoline (Pollan, 46 & 47). Now…

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