Essay on Food Industry Is Ruining America 's Nutrition

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Food is something that people need to have to be able to survive; it provides us with the necessities that we need to be able to live through our daily lives. Food can be used for eating purposes, as a gift, medicine, and sometimes even used to get other food (through hunting, fishing and farming). However, food also has the power to change its consumers in many negative ways, such as illnesses, health defects, and addiction. The type of food and amount of food consumed has the ability to affect our health, behavior, and ideologies. One way that food can affect us is changing the health of our bodies and in some extreme cases, death. Food can affect the body in two ways—for it or against it. If our bodies obtain the wrong nutrients it could definitely harm it. The fast food industry is ruining America’s nutrition. As editor-in-chief of Men’s health magazine, David Zinczenko emphasizes that when we drive down a main street in any city, we can usually see multiple fast food restaurants (392). It’s a fact that the fast food industry is taking over America. Where I grew up, fast food was just the easiest thing to get. I was usually always in a hurry—trying to fill up my stomach before a sports game or while I was on lunch. I always got something that was fast food or was processed. The sad thing is that some companies aren’t even telling the truth about the nutritional facts about their product. Zincenko states that fast food companies are not including the full details of…

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