Food For Human Consumption And Medicine Essay examples

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Humans have been selectively breeding and cross breeding plants and animals almost as long as agriculture has been around. Recent advances in technology have allowed for people to modify an organism’s DNA in a way that would not occur naturally. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, organisms that have been altered at the gene level. The main reason that GMO’s were created is for food for human consumption and medicine. With the increase in the world’s population and the hope for new developments in medicine, many believe that GMO’s are a cure to world hunger and many genetic diseases and disorders. Although GMO’s are thought to be unethical and have not been studied long enough to see what possible consequences could arise from continued human use.
With an increase in the world’s population we must also increase the amount of food that is being produced and also the rate in which it is produced. GMO’s make producing more food easier by making the plants and animals more resistant to diseases and pests, they CN also be used to provide improved taste and nutrition. Old breeding methods can take decades to produce results and are not as precise as focusing on one genetic trait or fixing a specific problem. Most GMOs are created by using recombinant DNA technology, in which DNA from two different species are joined to produce a new modified organism that has a higher fitness than the original. Different techniques include the vector method, plasmid methods, and the…

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