Essay on Food Culture Dominican Rep / Ecuador

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Food Culture Dominican Rep/ Ecuador Food has been part of my life since I was eight and now. Looking back to my childhood, I always remember my mom cooking arroz blanco y frijoles rojos ( white rice and red bean)with addition with that goes with hornear pollo ( bake chicken) for dinner. I can smell for cooking upstairs from my room and that always make my sister and I run downstairs of her dominican foods. My dad would occasionally would cook also, I love how he cooks the ecuadorian ceviche; I like how it has so many colors and seafood in the dish. In special occasion such as Christmas Eve, all of my dominican family from my mom side would come over to my house and so does my ecuadorian family from my dad side. Everyone would bring some food on the table and help and another prepare or set up the meal for dinner. The meals that are place on the table are colorful and delicious for anyone to try it. Both of my side show their culture and their tradition by their foods. Foods is certainly a reward to anyone to taste its flavor. Growing up with my parents taught one thing, the meal on my plate is just more than food, it is art, it another way to express myself, and it is a gift to anyone.
Everyone loves food of it flavors and it pealing appearances to people’s eyes. Any food such as meats, starches, dairy, fruits, vegetables, have a color and sizes that is help to create any dish. On dominican side, the plantain is bright yellow when it is cooked and using white rice and…

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