Essay For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

When I was in fifth grade, I was introduced to a website developed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) featuring animated Sea Kittens. Rebranding fish introduced kids to their concept that fish could feel pain, just like household pets. After dressing my own Sea Kittens, I read articles about the unethical treatment of animals. As a vegetarian, I was on a quest for information about the food animal industry and PETA’s website inspired me to conduct my own research. As I explored a more balanced understanding of the food animal industry, I broadened my research and began developing my own opinions regarding the treatment of food animals. This is what sparked my desire to further explore the complex relationship between humans …show more content…
Talking with clients and collaborating with veterinarians have strengthened my communication and teamwork skills. I have learned to work quickly and carefully, especially during surgery. Empathizing with clients, while still being able to handle euthanasia and fatal diagnoses, is another important part of my job. I will never forget Faith, a beloved dog whose family trusted us to care for her in her last moments. While I fed Faith her last treats as she took her final breaths, I began to understand the necessary balance between emotional and medical decisions. Although the job is demanding, seeing the human-animal bond at work in our clients’ lives is rewarding. Gaining experience with both companion and food animal veterinarians has afforded me the chance to see the diversity in veterinary medicine. My most memorable shadowing experience was a surgical correction of a left displaced abomasum on a dairy cow this summer. A dusty barn and an old chute replaced the sterile surgery suite. There were no machines to monitor vitals, and there was no anesthesia. I watched as Dr. Waggoner worked to make the procedure as clean and humane as possible. I realized that food animal medicine was the right fit for me when I stuck my gloved arm into the cow and felt the

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