Food And It Cause Health Problem Essay

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Food and it cause of Health Crisis in the Urban

How is the influence of fast food or healthy food affecting us in our daily lives, do we

have resources of obtaining healthy food that benefits us in our health and that doesn’t harm are

health and are mental stability. In my research I will look at the way that food in the urban is

consumed where is the healthier and the unhealthy food and how is it affecting people 's health. I

will first research different types of neighborhoods in the city. What type of neighborhood has

fast food restaurant. What type of people are these industries after to consume their food.

Also per how many blocks is each fast food restaurants located and who are the people

who consume more fast food. How are these fast food industries affecting the people around

them and why are the percentages higher for fast food restaurant being located in the lower

middle class neighborhoods. I will then explore what kind of health problem are caused because

of the type of food people consume. Also what is the percentage of the healthier market and

restaurant being located in higher social class neighborhoods. I will first see in what part of the

city people consume better, healthier food and the impact it has toward a healthier lifestyle.

Where do people consume the unhealthy food that has the most impact toward an unhealthy

lifestyle that come along with many sicknesses and disease.…

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